Caillin Rodonets

Director of Operations

CaillinCaillin is one of CC RezQs Co-founders.  She works behind the scene communicating with organizations and communities, scheduling vet appointments, coordinating volunteers, donation pick up and drop off, transporting animals, and maintaining social media pages.   Her job as a safety instructor took her to First Nations communities all across the province, where the number of stray dogs is extremely high.  This was one of many reasons CC RezQs decided to focus on stray reserve dogs.  When she isn’t rescuing dogs, she works as a safety instructor, an industrial medic, or a safety officer.  Caillin’s own dog, Bailey was one of the first dogs rescued by our team from Big River Reserve, SK.


Cady Shaw

Director of Adoptions


Cady is the other CC RezQs Co-founder.  She is the adoption coordinator,and works hard to ensure our dogs are placed in homes where they will be loved and cared for!  She schedules and attends meet and greets and finalizes adoptions, helping to bring joy to families, four paws at a time!  When she isn’t rescuing, Cady works at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and as a waitress!  Her passion for the welfare of all animals is an extremely motivating factor for all of the directors.  Before our foster network was well established, Cady acted as our only foster home for many months in the beginning, personally dedicating her time and belongings to the wellbeing of these dogs.  Cady adopted CC RezQs first rescue, Lady the three paw’d dog, from Saulteaux.   She has also rescued Nova, from the Canadian Crew Litter (Frog Lake, AB), and Seran, the mother of the Lion King Litter (Peepeekisis, SK).


Steph Senger

Director of Foster Care

StephSteph is the Foster Coordinator of the rescue.  Through her numerous experiences of fostering for CC RezQs in the past, the position seemed very fitting for her!  Steph organizes fosters, delivers needed supplies, and helps to run social media pages as well!  She can always be found lending a hand, whether it be through adoptions, organizing, helping with vet appointments, or transporting.  When Steph doesn’t have a puppy in her arms, she can be found teaching high school students in Regina.  Her pride and joy, Willow, was rescued from a Saskatoon based dog rescue, who found Willow in the La Ronge area.