Gender: Female
Date of Birth:October 19, 2017
Breed(s):Husky Lab Cross
Kennel Training:She whines right when she gets put in her kennel, but stops soon after. A chewy treat or toy is helpful for the initial kennel time.
House Training:She will go outside when you put her out. Not a fan of pee pads though.
Personality:She is absolutely adorable. Loves spending time with other dogs, she has a very big foster brother who she likes a lot! She is also really great with kids. She can entertain herself with toys or cuddle up next to you for some affection and naps time. A gentle little soul.
Vaccinations:Dewormed (x2), Round 1 Booster
Adoption Fee:$200.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:$100.00
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