Gender: Female
Date of Birth:June 29, 2016
Breed(s):Shepherd Cross
Kennel Training:She goes in the kennel just fine. I throw a cookie in and she follows. She doesn't fuss at all, probably because my other two are in kennels right beside her.
House Training:
Personality:She loves to be outside. She would lounge there all day if you let her. She is not at all a fan of being on her leash just yet, but she's working on it. She is very gentle about taking treats. Recently she discovered toys, and now she has discovered fetch. She brings the toy back every time and could go for hours (all day, anytime). She is just so happy all the time. She loves people and is definitely a people pleaser. At the same time, she loves to play with my furry boys too. Overall, she's a loveable goofball.
Vaccinations:Round 1, Rabies and Dewormed
Adoption Fee:$200.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:$100.00
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