Gender: Female
Date of Birth:Approximately 15 Months Old
Breed(s):Husky Cross
Kennel Training:Fully kennel trained
House Training:Fully house trained
Personality:Salty came into care in the summer. She had almost no human exposure so it has been a long process of getting her to trust people at all. She came around to dogs much before humans, but continues to progress daily. We want to make sure people who are interested know Salty will need a calm approach, and certainly some time to adjust.
Her favourite place is her kennel, she goes in as a safe space.
She will sneak up to you to sniff you and just when you notice she is gone!
When she is more comfortable with you and you are sitting down she will be all up in your business sniffing you and sitting with you.
She is also a big fan of the outdoors, she will hang out outside for hours and love it. Also would do much better with another dog around!
Vaccinations: Fully vaccinated, dewormed and spayed
Adoption Fee:$300.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:N/A
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