Gender: Female
Date of Birth:October 17, 2017
Breed(s):Shepherd Husky Cross
Kennel Training:Porky has not spent a lot of time in her kennel as her fosters schedule doesn’t require one. She stays out when the foster is away and is not destructive.
House Training:Porky’s house training is coming along much better! She will go outside and doesn’t have accidents as long as you’re consistent. She will go to the door, but once she’s there you better let her out, she’s gotta go!
Personality:Porky is a strong, independent lady who has no shortage of sass. Porky is a huge HUGE fan of toys! Any toy, every toy, they are all the best! She loves to take every toy out and play with them all! She also loves naps; either cuddling with her foster mom or in front of the fireplace with her foster brother, Duncan. She enjoys meeting new people and new dogs, she’s very social and will play with anyone. If you are looking for a sweet, sassy, silly love muffin, Porky is your girl! She will make an amazing addition to any family!!! 💖
Vaccinations:Rounds 1&2 Boosters and fully dewormed
Adoption Fee:$200.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:$100.00
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