Gender: Female
Date of Birth:1 Year Old
Breed(s):American Staffordshire Terrier Cross
Kennel Training:Not a big fan, recommend a chew or kong for kennel time
House Training:Sure is!
Personality:Macie is pretty rad, super laid back and loves to cuddle! We are talking on top of her human, lovey style cuddle. She does well on the leash and enjoys walks. She does like other dogs and puppies, but is a bit dominant at first, she just needs guidance and then does very well. Cats make her pretty anxious and she's not a huge fan of them it seems, though she's not aggressive towards them either. She is a very sweet girl who has overcome a lot, an amazing addition to someone's life!
Vaccinations:Fully vaccinated and spayed
Adoption Fee:$300.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:N/A
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