Gender: Male
Date of Birth:October 19, 2017
Breed(s):Husky Lab Cross
Kennel Training:Kevin does very well in his kennel. He goes in easily with a treat and sleeps most of the night for 7-8 hours. He goes back to sleep quickly if something wakes him up.
House Training:Kevin is doing great being let outside to pee every 20 minutes during the day. With some dedication and consistency I have no doubt that his new family will be successful with the rest of his training.
Personality:Kevin gets along well with other dogs especially his foster sister Lacey and he is not at all interested in cats. He has not met any small children yet but always has kisses and cuddles for new friends. Kevin loves to play with squeaky toys and spend time running outside. Sweet and loving, he will make a great addition to any family.
Vaccinations:Dewormed (x2), Round 1 Booster
Adoption Fee:$200.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:$100.00
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