Gender: Female
Date of Birth:1.5-2 Years Old
Breed(s):Rottweiler Cross
Kennel Training:Yes! Kennelled during the day, and at night she is either kennelled or gated into a smaller area of the house. She prefers to sleep beside you at night on a dog bed or floor.
House Training:Yes! She will sit at the door when she needs to go out. If you don’t notice her she may have an accident.
Personality:She loves to run around and play, but she is the queen of naps and cuddling!
She is loving, cuddly, and quick learner. She loves to play with plush toys. She will throw them in the air and catch them, but she is notorious for pulling all the stuffing out of them.
If you like the corner spot on the couch, she will claim that as her spot, but she will lay beside you when you are watching tv. She always ask for tummy rubs when snuggling. When she is tired and ready for bed at night she will walk into her kennel, but in the morning she needs a little more enticing to go in.
Julie would make a great addition to a home with another dog who loves to play, or to a home with lots of love to give.
If you’re looking to add a loyal dog to your family who can make you smile and want to bypass puppy training; this is the girl for you!
Vaccinations:Booster, dewormed and spayed
Adoption Fee:$300.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:N/A
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