Hire Us to Work Your Next Event!

Thank you so much for choosing CC RezQs Regina to help with your special event! Our organization is 100% volunteer run, therefore all “hiring costs” are donated directly to the rescue!  We currently offer a number of service options, including bartending*, ticket sales, set up/take down, table bussing, and food distribution.   We have included in the application a number of recommendations based on our experience with past events.  We are always open to new ways in which we can help out! Please voice your ideas in the “comments” section below! If everything looks good and you would like to move forward with the booking, please fill out the booking information and we will go from there!

Please note, we only provide ourselves!  It is recommended that you check with your venue as to what they offer for basic kitchen/bar supplies such as utensils, ice scoops and buckets, pitchers, coffee supplies, cloths, shot glasses, etc.

If one of your requested tasks includes ticket or liquor sales, please remember to bring a cash box, float, and tickets if necessary!

We collect “Tips” at our station if applicable as well.  100% of the proceeds from tips goes towards the rescue.  In the past, the event heads have made the tip jar into a game or challenge to their guests.  For example: for every $20 donated into the tip jar, the bride and groom kiss (in replacement of clinking glasses).  The possibilities are endless and completely up to you!

We promise to provide entertainment with our friendly, inviting, and (self-proclaimed) hilarious volunteers!

*If guests will be consuming alcohol at your event, please ensure they have a safe ride home!*