Gender: Male
Date of Birth:Approx July 2016
Breed(s):Shepherd Mix
Kennel Training:He is kennelled trained, but doesn’t like spending too much time in it. Can take about 1/2hr for him to stop whining.
House Training:Fully house Trained
Personality:He is amazing with other dogs (2-step brothers and a step sister) good with cats. He has only been around my neighbours daughter (5) he is great with her; but he still has a tendency to jump up, and nibble-puppy mind 🙂

He is very smart, can sit, shake both paws, lie down, stay, and will sit and wait until told he can eat his dinner. Responds to a snap or a tsk sound. Still working on leash handling, but has an amazing recall

He is high energy boy and will require lots of playtime!
Vaccinations:Up to date and neutered
Adoption Fee:$300
Spay/Neuter Deposit:N/A
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