Gender: Female
Date of Birth:November 28, 2017
Breed(s):Blue Heeler Cross
Kennel Training:She doesn’t love the idea of the kennel, but if you send her in with a treat she cries for a minute then settles in.
House Training:Good at going outside for bathroom when taken, but still has some accidents in the house if you don't stay on top of her to go outside. Will sleep through the night with one bathroom break.
Personality:Elaine is cute, sweet, and very chill. She really loves just hanging out and relaxing, an ideal movie buddy. She’s friendly with people and dogs. Enjoys playing with her foster sister (large dog) but definitely needs a nap after. She’s every bit as sweet as she looks!
Vaccinations:Round 1 Booster and one round of dewormer (will come with round 2)
Adoption Fee:$200.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:$100.00
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