Gender: Male
Date of Birth:1 Year
Breed(s):Rottweiler Shepherd Cross
Kennel Training:He has never been kennelled as he is very well behaved. He has been left alone and aside from grabbing the odd shoe to chew he does great.
House Training:Fully house trained
Personality:Denver was surrendered to the care of a veterinarian due to an injury. He had been hit by a car weeks prior and was unable to use his hind leg. The rescue took him on when our veterinarian friend told us about him; his high needs, expenses and time required meant a special foster was needed. We were able to find Denver an amazing place to recover from his injury and surgery. He has been showered with love, time and affection! Denver has been attending physio and rehab and is finally ready to party! So much is owed to Dr. Murphy for taking him in and contacting us, and our most sincere gratitude to the Lowes family for being the greatest foster family for this wonderful boy!

So incredibly lovable! He learned 5 commands very quickly ( sit, down, up, off and high fives ). Denver is fostered at a small day home and he is awesome with kids! He loves to get pets and spend time with the kiddos! There is no food aggression which is a good thing. He comes when called. He is an absolute pleasure to have around. He loves playing with bigger dogs, but not little ones. He is a fun loving goofball who also really loves pets and cuddles!
Vaccinations:Fully vaccinated and neutered
Adoption Fee:$300
Spay/Neuter Deposit:N/A
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