Gender: Female
Date of Birth:1.5 Years Old
Breed(s):Shepherd Cross
Kennel Training:Fully kennel trained! Even goes in on her own for naps.
House Training:Totally house trained
Personality:Darla is a very very dog social girl.
She has a hard time being an only dog, but does amazing with a dog pal around. She’s more confident and not nervous. She’s very loving and quite affectionate. She’s still got a few puppy tendencies, which is common for adult dogs who have to learn what house life is about when grown up! She is VERY good motivated, but sometimes steals food if the opportunity presents itself. She should have toys around/available as she’s still trying to figure out what exactly is for dogs and what is not! She’s an absolute doll and sure loves her people. She’s a very fun girl who just needs a chance to find a family to love her!
Vaccinations:Fully vaccinated, dewormed and spayed
Adoption Fee:$300.00
Spay/Neuter Deposit:N/A
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