Monroe, a 6 month old husky mix, was rescued from a reservation not too far from Regina, SK.  She was at risk of being exterminated, and was rescued along with 35 other dogs.  Shortly after coming into our care, it was discovered that her femur was badly broken, with the head of the femur being completely broken off.  The decision was made by the vet to do a procedure known as an FHO, or Femoral Head Ostectomy, which is a surgical procedure that removes the head and neck from the femur, alleviating pain.

By the time she went in for her operation, she had a family that was very interested in adopting her after she was clear for travel.  The Waddell family lives in B.C., but had been in Regina to visit their daughter and had the chance to meet her then!  Monroe did very well in surgery, even though it took much longer than expected due to the large amount of scar tissue build up.  Now came the issue of transporting.  Once she was cleared for travel, we looked at many different avenues to get her to B.C.  We contacted WestJet, Air Canada, Pilots N’ Paws Canada, and Furry Hobos N Hiway Hero’s.

It was starting to look like she would not be able to get to her new home in time for Christmas.  Then, her Christmas Miracle happened.  Margaret from Furry Hobos N Hiway Hero’s contacted us.  Her organization is a group of truck drivers and transporters from across the country who help to transport rescue dogs to different rescues and their new homes from coast to coast.  She had a driver that would be going through Regina in a few hours, and on his way through and past Langly, BC!  The news came on one of our busier days, but we were able to pull it off!  Monroe met up with her driver, Rob, and they were on their way!  After a few chewed cords and plenty of hours of sleeping, Monroe and Rob pulled into Langly around 6:00am, and were greeted by her new family!  We were so happy to be able to get Monroe home for Christmas, and definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of Margaret, Rob, and the Hiway Hero’s team!


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