Back in September, our rescue was contacted by a man regarding an upcoming dog cull on a reserve in the Regina area.  For those of you who don’t know what a dog cull is, it is an extermination of strays in an area.  Typically, culls are ordered when the number of strays becomes alarmingly high, or attacks begin to happen on people, livestock, or owned animals.   We got in touch with the band office and some of the council members and requested to come out and pull as many of the strays off as we could find room for.  They agreed to allow us come out.

Over the period of an evening and a full day, we had a number of volunteers help us out as we were able to pull 35 dogs.  Out of those 35, 4 were pregnant.  Two remained in our care, giving us an additional 20 pups.   We had a number of seriously injured dogs come into our care from this pull as well, some requiring extensive surgeries to repair broken femurs, and to remove broken teeth.   We spent nearly $10,000.00 in vetting on this group of dogs, and every penny was worth it.  We had 6 of our fosters “fail”, and adopt their foster dogs.

Barb had her litter of 12 pups, and Nanook (a Pyrenees mix), had a litter of 8.  Nanook’s name became famous when she took in little Orphan Annie halfway through delivering her litter.  Orphan Annie was found abandoned in a back alley in Regina at about 24 hours old.  We were able to sneak her in with Nanook during delivery, and Nanook cared for her as her own!  Annie gained the attention of a lot of people, who diligently followed her story as she grew!

We are happy to announce that all of the dogs taken in from this dog cull have found their forever homes and are living out the rest of their lives being spoiled, sleeping on couches, eating consistently, and being loved by their new families!

Dog Cull Rescue Mission

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